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  • Q. Are Foundations For Living’s (FFL) Facilities homeless shelters or domestic violence shelters?

    No. FFL offers overnight shelter in our Warming Center and transitional living programs in our 3 housing homes

  • Q. What’s the difference between the warming center and transitional living homes?

    Our Warming Center is for overnight guests who need housing only until they can get back on their feet—1 night to 3 months. FFL transitional living houses are part of a greater, more in depth program where residents commit to be there for 6 – 24 months. Housing is part of a program that will assist them in making changes in their life that will lead to independence and resiliency.

  •  Q. Are the houses and the neighborhood safe?

    Yes. Both the men’s and women’s houses have 24/7 security systems that can be monitored though staff cell phones. FFL also conducts regular house meetings, random drug testing and works closely with Probation and Parole, the Waupaca Police Department and Sheriff’s office to assure, to the best of our ability, that the houses are kept safe and drug free.

  • Q. Who qualifies to be in the residential houses?

    Candidates submit to a 3 step application process. To qualify candidates must be teachable, willing to address and take responsibility for their issues and commit to work toward growth and change.  FFL does not discriminate based on offense., addiction or background .

  • Q. Do the residents pay any costs? What if they are unable to pay?

    Yes, there is a $50 weekly program fee.  This fee is waived during the first 30—90 probationary period giving program participants a chance to work on themselves before adding the burden of employment. During this period they are expected to work at least 20 per week in Foundations For Living Clothing Closet.


    After the probationary period, program participants are expected to seek and obtain work. We connect with FSET, W-2 and the technical college and other resources to assist them in obtaining employment so they are eventually able to pay their fees.

  • Q. Do you provide counseling for the residents?

    No, we do not provide counseling for the folks we serve. We offer support, advocacy, coaching, educational opportunities and connections witwith outside resources, such as Waupaca County Department of Health and Human Resources, that can provide counseling and other services we are not able to.

  • Q. Other than the program fees paid by clients, where else do you get funding from?

    We get funding through Grants, business donations, local church contributions, individual donations, and fundraising.

  • Q. As a "faith based" Christian organization, does Foundations For Living serve only Christians?

    No. The goal of FFL is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by offering spiritual, emotional, physical, educational, and community foundations from which independence and self-sufficiency is established and maintained. We believe it is not up to FFL to force Christ’s Salvation or our beliefs onto another, but to make it available to all who seek to know more about the Jesus we serve.

  • Q. Where can I find out more about Foundations For Living?

    Call our office at 715 942-2725, visit us at 1421 Churchill St. Waupaca weekdays from 9-4

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